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Reconcocting concrete structures and how to deploy them

Making concrete structures low-tech and idiot-proof via Concrete Canvas Rethinking concrete structures and how to deploy them Concrete Canvas Ltd. is the British company behind an innovative material technology that makes it possible to use concrete in radically new ways. Their Concrete Canvas product is a flexible fabric impregnated with cement. It hardens on contact with water to form a thin, durable concrete layer that’s both waterproof...

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Rethinking “Lorem ipsum” boilerplate

Sometimes even the most mundane parts of business processes can be rethunk. Dummy text goes intriguingly literate … A tradition of unobtrusiveness One of the hallowed traditions in the advertising and marketing world is to pour apparently faux Latin into draft layouts so that people can see, evaluate and appreciate a new piece of visual genius or eye-catching graphic design without being distracted by what the...

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Don’t tell – show. The beauty of bespoke (shoes)

Sometimes mere words are too weak – you have to do something different to help people’s imaginations tread new paths. Portugal-based shoe manufacturer Undandy brings “bespoke” to life in the world of footwear … Women aren’t the only ones who like shoes. I, too, have to admit to a certain serious sartorial weakness when it comes to snazzy footwear. Unfortunately, men’s footwear is normally...

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