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Marketing a fifth state of matter

ColdQuanta In Colorado works with ultracold atom technology such as Bose-Einstein condensates – but doesn’t find it easy to explain … Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are sometimes referred to as a “fifth state of matter”, a rare state or phase in which all the particles share the same quantum state, at temperatures just above absolute zero. This ultracold environment makes the wavelengths of the atoms increase...

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Reconsidering SAS coffee cups

SAS let customers design their own disposable coffee cups – and then apparently dumped the whole marketing exercise in the metaphorical garbage …   Design your own Early in 2012, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) forked out big bucks for whole page ads in Børsen, the major Danish business newspaper, informing us cattle-class plane passengers that we now have the profound honour of being able to design our own...

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Marketing using gravity-sensitive gnomes

The force of gravity is not the same everywhere. To demonstrate this basic law of physics, scale makers Kern & Sohn sent a plastic gnome on a global expedition … The force of gravity varies slightly all over the world, due to the effects of latitude and altitude along with inconsistencies in the shape and texture of our planet. Gnome with a story to tell In...

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