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Eyewear epiphany – separating frames from lenses

US company Lensabl is rethinking the business model for eyewear – separating frames and lenses, and opting for tech over design Eyewear frames aren’t much use without lenses to look through (unless it’s a fashion shoot, of course). Lenses aren’t much use without a frame to position them in front of your eyes. So it’s hardly surprising that frames and lenses have had interwoven fates...

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Flatpack car production – the CKD business model

Completely knocked down (CKD) logistics for assembling cars used to be common – and have become so again for planes I’m a big fan of vintage/classic/unusual cars – a dream of scenarios and pleasures simply not possible in over-restricted, over-taxed Denmark. One of my compensation mechanisms involves following the visual delights and gorgeous vistas provided by the BringaTrailer website. Blast from the past In a...

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From big-scale energy generation to scavenging energy from movement

Moya Power sheets make it possible to harvest and scavenge energy from within existing urban infrastructure – making the most of energy that’s there instead of churning out new. The United Nations apparently estimates that two-thirds of the population of the world will live in cities as of 2050. This will mean the demand for energy in urban areas will increase dramatically. Is...

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