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Constructing a mindset for describing the circular economy

Rethinking how to describe the circular economy – the Circular Design Guide provides a language for thinking that makes it easier to act The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recently teamed up with world-renowned design and consulting company IDEO to bring forth a “design guide” intended to help companies (and other organisations) design their processes and procedures for the circular economy. Not surprisingly, it’s entitled the Circular...

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Subscription power – Porsche Passports and beyond

A Porsche Passport lets you subscribe to the Porsche of your choice. But subscription software changes the whole playing field for ownership. There’s a lot of talk about new ownership models for cars, and companies seem to be trying out all kinds of flavours, twists and mixes. “Try it and see” may be OK for the big movers, but it’s confusing for us...

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Vipping the philosophy of the hotel

Danish design company Vipp has successfully and delectably de-constructed the hotel, focusing on quality experience and immersion, without the traditional regimentation The Danish design company Vipp is almost irritatingly good – they seem to provide a steady stream of surprising measures and new angles on many different aspects of the design experience, inserting their distinctive style in unusual contexts. The operative word(s) here is “design...

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