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Rethinking rethinking, in digital dimensions

Ideas – and the mindset behind them – are the driving force behind radically new business models. The non-digital idea has to be fully viable before it can be digitally implemented Scalability and success The digital revolution has brought us an exponential expansion of many capabilities – in industry, business and entertainment, and pretty much everywhere else (whether we realise it or not). For many...

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Reconsidering the F-word

Breaking the profanity barrier in a natural science romp – and revelling in a bookshop’s intellectual maze Ten Million Aliens by Simon Barnes is an entertainingly erudite romp through the weird and whacky wonderfulness of the animal kingdom – thought-provoking but not too nerdy. Ideal for bedtime reads of a few chapters guaranteed to make the mind switch channels from the day’s mental endeavours. Somehow...

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Rethinking what we call phones

The mobile phone started as a phone, but has evolved into a Swiss Army knife of technology capabilities. Shouldn’t our conceptualising of this key item evolve too? The mobile phone was once what the name says – designed solely for communication between two people over a distance. Today, improved technology combined with digitalisation means phones are used for a plethora of different purposes...

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