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The Habit model for nutritional nirvana – from science to personalised service

Necessity becomes a service – Habit turns nutrition around and makes it personal, empowering and attractive Nutrition used to be “scientific” – an abstract standard we measure ourselves against, the realm of research labs and men in white coats telling us what’s a fact and what isn’t. It was hardly a business – except when there were all kinds of weird and wonderful “cures” to...

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Bendy wood changes perceptions and possibilities

Dutch designer Carolien Laro crafts break-the-mould Spring Wood furniture in which solid timber is engineered to be flexible Wood is a wonderful natural material with all kinds of eco-friendly pluses to its name. It’s softer than materials like stone, brick and metals – but no one will ever claim that sitting on a wooden chair or stool for long periods is gentle on the...

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Publishing platform for activist intervention

OR Books – a  publishing company keen to rethink the mix of technology, intention, business model and reader role There’s rarely much that is really new in the world of book publishing – except for the cannon fodder of authors and titles ground through the machine. Lots of marginal change and bumpy adjustments to digital realities – not so many big rethinks. Launched in 2009, New York-based independent...

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