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Electric liberation – classic cars morph into contemporary cool

The early generations of electric cars have been visual clunkers. Is game-changer tech gonna’ be a constraint or a liberation? Mediocrity maketh motor? Let’s be honest – the early generations of electric cars have been clunkers. Tesla honourably excepted. Tech progress hasn’t really changed much in the design world.  So is game-changer electric vehicle tech gonna’ continue being a constraint – or could it help provide...

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Rethinking the business of the book – incrementally and more

It ain’t easy to pen a book to help your brilliant ideas establish the thought leadership they deserve. But lean publishing changes the game … Books and thought leadership After I recently ghost-wrote a book for a high-level client, several other clients have recently voiced interest in “doing a book”. They’ve got a great idea and want to tell the world about it. Coincidence? I...

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Fintech and the kill switch

The Car Finance Company simply kills your car if you don’t keep up the payments – what’d happen if this was a widespread payment model?  The art of linking One characteristic feature of many new business models capable of rattling the bars of established industries (avoiding using the dreaded  dis****ion word here!) is that they link together technologies and ideas probably already familiar, but...

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