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(Planetary) problems don’t have to be ugly – or idiot-simple

Thinking simple doesn’t cut it when the future state of our planet is at stake. The amount of effort we put into describing environmental challenges doesn’t match their seriousness. The kinds of problems barrelling down the turnpike towards our planet are seldom simple, black-and-white or mono-causal. They’re complex, inter-connected and are often treading new ground – this kind of man-made shit-storm has never occurred before in...

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Conceptual laziness won’t wash in the environmental (fashion) face-off

Buzzwords and superficial descriptions of business processes are never enough to combat the juggernaut of calculated misinformation I’ve been quite proud of myself recently. While doing my weekly restrained-consumer mini-shop at our local branch of the German discounted retailer Lidl, I bought several items of clothing – ultra-cheap but surprisingly sartorially appropriate. I’m well aware of the polemics about the perpetual flood of unnecessary fashion frippery. And...

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Professionalising partnershipping

Partnering is easier to talk about than to get right. Interesting mechanisms and structures are emerging to help ambitious businesses meet their dream date … In current discourses about the transformative economy, there’s a lot of talk about companies “partnering” with other actors – be they in the private or public sector. Inclusivity, collaboration and building communities of users are now more the current...

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