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Business numbers made more useful – Konsolidator-style

Konsolidator® cloud-based financial consolidation software patches two worlds together – old-school Excel and new-gen SaaS According to its name tag, Danish-based Konsolidator® is a cloud-based financial consolidation and reporting solution that streamlines the complex processes involved in financial consolidation and reporting. It’s designed to be a quick, easy way to provide and present high-quality data clearly, enabling finance departments to deliver data that is useful and valuable...

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From Repair Café to reputation building

Repair Cafés provide an attractive “franchisable” way to implement circular-economy thinking – rooted in community not product Set up in 2010, the Amsterdam-based Repair Café Foundation has a wonderful genre-bridging perspective that seems to provide a great example of how circular economy measures can be made to work in practice. The Foundation wants to bring back and re-invent the basic idea of repair as...

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Reduxing the redoubtable Honda Cub

IMHO, one of the biggest cultural deficiencies of Danish life is that there are no Honda Cubs on the road. Time to reconsider, 60 years on? In my humble opinion, one of the biggest cultural deficiencies of life in Denmark is the absence of the ubiquitous, unbreakable Honda C50 Cub – tiny, tough and quirkily wonderful. In continuous production since 1958 with output...

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