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Rethinking recycling – with robotics

AMP Robotics is applying robotics to the dirty back end of the product life cycle – joining up the dots? There are major flaws in every stage of our recycling systems – from product design to collection to sorting, and then in the quality standards needed for re-use. There’s a good Fast Company summary of these here. Rethinking the economics of recycling US company AMP Robotics...

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From 3D printing to additive manufacturing – the missing narrative

Additive manufacturing – a mindset about future-responsible fabrication. Evolve Additive Solutions is a company that provides a strategic perspective often missing in communication. What’s in a name? 3D printing is probably one of the most unfortunate names a new technology has ever been saddled with. Any introduction of a product or service on this naming basis has to jump the chasm of disbelief and incredulity,...

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Data not drones – what to do with the eye in the sky

Drones were once advanced tech – now they’re commoditised. But what can we use them for? A 2018 Dezeen documentary highlights the “big picture” impacts that drones will have on things like architecture, design and human perceptions, asserting that “drones will transform cities, revolutionising how people travel, how goods are delivered and how buildings look and are constructed”. As one of the pundit speakers declares, “drones are...

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