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Car ownership business model that values experience over possession

How do you get the real benefits of a car?  Why so few choices? Car ownership ain’t what it used ta’ be. Those backbones of macho identity and family functionality have become expensive financial black holes, with the extra burden of a guilty conscience about your environmental impacts. Meanwhile, car manufacturers and their marketing honchos are flip-flopping and floundering on a slippery surface that seems like the proverbial...

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Uber for people who want to start Uber

Does the business opportunity lie in the delivery or the capability? Once upon a time, the best new business ideas had to be (well, preferably) radically innovative, groundbreaking zingers that’d have clients and customers queuing up to sign over their money. Business innovation is/was pretty much all about the search for the gruesomely elusive Holy Grail of the next “big idea”, the path to...

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Meta = AI in the service of the scientific ecosystem

The fruits of scientific research and development only have limited value if no-one knows about them – the AI path to making research know-how useful The know-how needle in the research haystack All over the world, scientists and researchers are beavering away, adding countless tiny new pieces to vast scientific puzzles and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Unfortunately, there’s a natural tendency for incredibly...

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